All the Instruments Played on Supertramp Albums

So I have no idea if this is going to come out to an impressive total or not, but I was thinking about how eclectic their sound was and figured this would be fun to do. Before I start, I’m not including “standard” rock instruments, though I will include variations of those instruments. I’m specifically not including the following: vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano/keyboard, and any percussion that’s in a standard drum kit. That said, I would include like 12 string acoustic guitar, even though it’s fairly common, because it is a deviation from the base instruments. I’m also going to mark (B) for instruments that were recorded by a band member. Everything without that mark would indicate a studio musician or guest musician or whatever. Also I’ll mark the album number in [brackets] that I first found the instrument on. And I’m only counting original studio albums, no compilations, live albums, or remastered albums with bonus tracks. Aite.

  1. Organ (B) [1]
  2. Harmonica (B) [1]
  3. Cello (B) [1]
  4. Flageolet (B) [1]
  5. Balalaika (B) [1]
  6. Flute (B) [2]
  7. Saxophone (B) [2]
  8. Accordion (B) [2]
  9. Moog Synthesizer (B) [3]
  10. String Synthesizer (B) [3]
  11. 12 String Acoustic Guitar (B) [3]
  12. Clarinet (B) [3]
  13. Glass Harp (B) [3]
  14. Celesta (B) [3]
  15. Saw [3]
  16. Water Gong [3]
  17. Harmonium (B) [4]
  18. Marimba (B) [4]
  19. Melodica (B) [5]
  20. Oberheim Programming [5]
  21. Trombone [6]
  22. Tuba [6]
  23. Synclavier Programming [8]
  24. Fairlight Programming [8]
  25. PPG Programming [8]
  26. Timbales (B) [9]
  27. Trumpet [9]
  28. Kalimbas [10]
  29. Horns [11]

That ended up being pretty fun. I have no idea what at least a quarter of those instruments are.


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