Princess Diaries > Casablanca… FIGHT ME

So I just rewatched The Princess Diaries for the first time I think since it came out. Several takeaways:

  1. That shit holds up better than Casablanca, and it was made during one of the most awkward filmmaking periods in history. Like that story still genuinely makes me smile and warms my cold, frosty heart. I’m not actually comparing it to Casablanca because they two totally different ballparks, that was just the first thing that came to mind. Well… second… the first was Psycho and then I was like ehhhhhh maybe go for a second pass on that one.
  2. The movie may hold up, but good god that music does not. I had almost completely (happily) forgotten what pop music was like in the late 90’s / early 2000’s but WOW. That’s a time capsule for you. Not to mention the statement at the end of the credits that the soundtrack will be available on CASSETTE AND CD! Like damn when was the last time I even thought about a cassette. CD’s are all but outdated now. That was a throwback. But yeah I’ll take today’s pop over 90’s bubblegum thankyou.
  3. Anne Hathaway is a gift to this planet.
  4. Anne Hathaway didn’t play a princess, she is a motherfucking princess.
  5. Anne Hathaway was a stone cold awesome actress from day 1. Damn.
  6. Anne Hathaway is a gift to this planet.
  7. I already forgot the love interest’s name… maybe Michael…? he was attractive as hell lemme google him and see what he’s doing… one sec… damn. Yeah he is still lookin’ fine. AND HOLY SHIT HE WAS IN ROONEY! Oh my god I didn’t know that was the same guy! Damn Wikipedia is the shit.
  8. Did that say produced by Whitney Houston? That’s not…holy shit that’s THE Whitney Houston. This movie was produced by Whiney Houston?! I feel like I should have known that! I would have if it would’ve won best picture like it should have
  9. What won best picture in 2002?
  10. Oh shit A Beautiful Mind yeah I guess I can’t really complain about that. But I mean a nomination would be nice. We’re talkin’ timeless shit here.
  11. Anne Hathaway is a gift to this planet.

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