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Hey Friends! My name is Phoenix Chris. I’m gender-fluid and use ey/em/eir pronouns, and I describe myself depending on who I’m talking to and how I’m feeling as either being Pansexual or Asexual as both of those are pretty equally true. I also live with Borderline Personality Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder. I mainly tell you all this because a lot of my writing relies on my personal experiences with my gender identity or with my mental illnesses (or neurodivergences). My identities and my neurodivergences play a huge role in my life. As I’m writing this I’m coming towards the one year marker of trying to deal with what was essentially an explosion of symptoms I’d been repressing, while still trying to move forward in life. Oh also, I’m a very dedicated intersectional feminist, and that will very likely come up in my writing.

Oh! and my politics! Of which I’m an AnarchoCommunist who believes, much like Marx and in contradiction to Kropotkin, that until the proletariat unites and gains class consciousness and blah blah blah Marx Marx Engels (for tha bankrolls) Marx Marx (and don’t forget Emma Goldman, she’s my fave) that the best way to ensure we fight Capitalism without staging a half-assed, ultimately dooomed economic coup is by promoting Socialist agendas by (unfortunately) working within existing systems. Now, that being said, I prefer grassroots activism to actually participating in our bloated political system. I vote when one of two conditions are met: (1) there is a candidate who I firmly believe will advance the kind of reforms I believe in, or (2) there is a candidate so terrifying that they make me put aside me “I will not be forced into voting for the lesser of two evils” rule and vote for the lesser of two evils. To give you an example, I would have voted for Sen. Sanders had he won the nomination under my first rule, and I am voting for Sec. Clinton under my second rule.

So, yeah. I’m basically going to just be writing whatever I feel like. There may be times where there’s a few weeks or so between posts. I apologize in advance, but sometimes things get a bit more stressful and chaotic for me and that leads to me not writing quite as much. But yeah, expect articles about the stuff I mentioned above, about pop culture, about activism related things. Like I said, just really whatever I feel like writing.



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